About Us

We welcome you to alfrosia.com (الفروسية), the home of the Royalty Equestrian Club and many other related services.
Equestrian sports are known since ancient times as sports of forefathers. These sports are being played through the ages and being loved by the millions of fans. Establishment of Royalty Equestrian Club is an idea of establishing a center for education and training of horsemanship through modern means. The basics of this education are the theoretical knowledge of fundamentals of riding and the practical application of these theories under the regulations and legitimacy.
We offer complete courses for individuals, professionals and families, who are interested to these supports. Family trainings are governed with full family privacy in the center of field for training.
We extend our services to add greater attention to children to teach them horseback riding from the age of 5 years in addition to fill their time and enjoy the games area and taught how to care for horses.

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